Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The city's bus transport is not at all well co-ordinated and well maintained. The busses are tilted to a side. These , though have a throaty engine , but are not well maintained and hence the make noise as well as emit large amounts of smoke thus causing noise and air pollution. 


1.  There is no coordinated central means of transport.
2.                Rise in number of vehicles due to insufficient public transport.
3.                No syncronization in railway and road transport. Therefore railways cannot be used efficiently.
4.                Rising population due industrialization.
5.                As pune is slowly turning into an education hub, students from diffferent places migrate to pune to get better education facilities.
1.  Compulsory One Ways.
2.                Bus transport on either sides of the railway station to control rising problem of crowds.
Thus these measures accompanied with transportation modes like metro and monorails will surely be helpful and reduce the problem of pollution and overcrowding.......